Do you light up when you share your message?

Excellent! You're in the right place!

You started your business to live life on your own terms, and we want to support you to do that!

You didn't start your expert business so that you could mess around with technology all day! You want a system that generates business for you so that you can create the impact you want to see in the world, without having to worry about finding leads.

The challenge is getting to the point of having conversations with people you can support. It involves a complicated mix of digital marketing, technology, strategies, tactics, social media, video creation, writing, posting, and dealing with a myriad of channels and their related algorithms.

If you're anything like us, this is not the most exciting and motivating use of your time. You want to help people, deliver impact and create value, while sharing your message. Who want's to be mucking around with technology, or creating content on social media?

For this reason, we created Connected Impact and the Conscious Business Accelerator System.

After 20 years of experimentation, we have discovered that of all the channels, LinkedIn holds the highest net value prospects. We have found that webinar format events are the most powerful way of qualifying and nurturing good prospects, which then allow you to get sales conversations, which result in sales to your programme. We've distilled down the essence of all the different platforms into a simple system whereby you can show up and deliver your great content, once a month, and we do everything else. People will show up to your event, all the RSVPs are taken care of, all the promotion is taken care of, and you just get to do what you love.

Do you recognise these problems?

  • Where do I find people to talk to about what I offer?
  • How do I market my services?
  • Which platform to promote myself on?
  • How often should I be posting on social media?
  • Where will I find all that content to post regularly?
  • How do I create value for others when I am in session all day?
  • I have a full calender of clients, but no space to grow
  • I am too busy coaching to grow my business

How can Connected Impact help?

  • Discover how to charge what you are worth.
  • Training and live support to enable you to master tech!
  • Mindset training.
  • Online event creation.
  • Invites to your connections.
  • Strategizing.

What's Included?

Software Bundle

Replaces £500 per month of services to grow your expert business

Weekly Mastermind

Connect to your purpose, your tribe and peer support

Weekly Support Call

Marketing Training, Business Strategy and Tech Support

Training Library

The framework, techniques and cheat sheets to grow your expert business

Meet The Connected Impact Team

Marketing Consultant and spiritual badass, John Daniels, is on a mission to enable the lightbringers and change makers to do good and make money!

John has been helping businesses identify their unfair advantage and then coordinate marketing, sales, and business activities to accelerate growth by eliminating waste. He combines the latest thinking in Lean Startup, Agile and Growth Hacking with a wealth of practical experience gleaned from personally implementing marketing strategies for over 300 businesses across four continents to deliver results.

John Daniels

Founder of The Lean Marketer

Marketing Guide

Tobias is a community designer, hyperconnector and serial entrepreneur. His current ventures focus on embodiment, spiritual entrepreneurship and community design. While his work on the outside is at the intersection of design thinking, innovation, psychological safety, wearable technologies, flow and human potential, on the inside it is about healing, identity, exploration and alignment.

Tobias Hofmeister

Founder of Embodied

Community Guide

Why We Created Connected Impact

Marketing your business involves a complicated mix of digital marketing, technology, strategies, tactics, social media, posting, making videos, and dealing with a myriad of channels and their related algorithms. After years of wrestling with this very issue in our own small business, we have a system for generating a steady stream of qualified leads for you to close.

Training & Templates


Creating Your Signature Offer

Webinars and How to Use Them

Choosing the Ideal Customer

A Roadmap to Scale to 100K

A Testimonial from Lisa Short

Founder of The Short Method

Connected Impact Member


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